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The installed fire protection systems, as well as the materials used to build the structure and compartmentalisation of the building, make Torrespacio one of the safest buildings in the world.

Despite its height, thanks to the design of its staircases and corridors, it can be completely evacuated in less than 32 minutes, which is below the strict evacuation measures for these types of constructions, set at 45 minutes.

The fire detection installations, mainly made up of analogue ionisation detectors and fire alarms, detects the exact location of the source of the fire as soon as it starts. This is complemented by aspirating smoke detectors at DPC and general switchboards, as well as thermovelocimetric detectors.

The automatic fire sprinkler system is deployed throughout 
the entire building and the most fire-prone areas in the car park. The building is efficiently protected thanks to manual systems as well, such as extinguishers, FHR (Fire Hose Reels) and the fire-fighting hydrant system. Water supply is guaranteed thanks to the existence of three tanks on different floors of the tower.


The building can be accessed through the foyer, where there is a tower-residents and visitor and control, equipped with the latest security technologies. From here, you can access other office storeys.


For us, the safety of the people is equally as important as the safety of the building. The control centre, located inside the building, centrally monitors the facilities, all security systems and the general management of the building. It is also directly connected to the emergency services.


Torrespacio control and video surveillance systems provide both user and vehicle safety.

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