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The service excellence standard has been the driving force for Torrespacio since it was created. This philosophy is demonstrated day after day, in a completely friendly and accessible way. We want each employee to be proud of experiencing a unique space.

With a wide and outstanding range of services, Torrespacio foresees every personal request and need, achieving a high level of satisfaction.


A varied gastronomic and service range:

Espacio 33

Is the highest restaurant in Spain. With its private private dining-rooms and the most advanced audiovisual systems, it is perfect for both company lunches and special dinners.
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Espacio 18

Has a wide gastronomic range and breathtaking views in a double-height storey. It has become a meeting point with a more relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Espacio 2

Is a restaurant/café with space for more than 600 people and a free-flow layout that reduces waiting times.

You can also choose and order meals to enjoy them at the office thanks to its catering service.


At Torrespacio, you can get a football or theatre ticket, a green-fee, the newspaper or make a copy of your keys, take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s, MOT your car or fill up your car’s petrol at Torrespacio. You only need to phone or send an e-mail to enjoy the wide range of personal and professional services.


A team of highly-qualified professionals to take care of your pain and prevent future injuries.


There is a manual car wash service with specialised staff that offers a wide and high-quality range of services.

Rooms and events

Torrespacio rooms: on floor 18, companies have 7 different-sized meeting rooms for events, meetings, corporate seminars, etc. All of them incorporate the most sophisticated audiovisual systems.

For bigger events, Torrespacio offers Espacio Planta 42: a completely open 1,000 m2 area, which is 170 metres high, with views of the whole city. Celebrate your event in the most representative building of Madrid.

A space that can be adapted depending on each client’s needs. It has parking spaces, catering and a department that is always willing to find the perfect solution for your event.


The telecommunication infrastructure allows Torrespacio users to connect to the wireless computer network (Wi-Fi) in the building’s common areas.

Furthermore, there is a multi-service network to fulfill all voice and data communications needs. Comprised of vertical multi-pair wiring made of copper and multi-mode/single-mode fibre-optic wire, it allows the distribution of voice, data and video signals through a star network. The distribution centre is connected to each user’s electrical cabinet, installed within the wardrobes located on every mezzanine. This installation allows a transmission speed of up to 10 Gb/s.


The DPC has the most advanced technical systems, such as 24/7 surveillance, energy system redundancy, aspirating smoke detectors, gas extinguishing systems, etc.

Additionally, Torrespacio has a room prepared to store your computer equipment (housing) or to simply host computer applications (hosting).


Torrespacio directly controls the management of post office services as well as the internal logistics of the building. For the users’ safety, mail, courier packages or parcels are exclusively delivered to Torrespacio’s central post and courier service staff in order to be directly re-delivered in person to the addressee.


In order to meet daily needs related to office maintenance, office environments and furnishings, Torrespacio has its own handyman in residence to meet users’ needs.


A salon, which opens 8 hours a day and allows employees to save time thanks to its hair and beauty services for both women and men.


Torrespacio has a modern gym with state-of-the-art sports facilities that allow the user to make use of different areas and activities in individual training or group classes. Furthermore, it has a shower area for the users who come by bike and want to use this service.


Torrespacio tiene un servicio de parking subterráneo con capacidad para más de 1.270 plazas de aparcamiento a disposición de empresas, empleados y visitas.


Catholic worship chapel located on the 33rd floor.

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